OCR Week in Review – 10/25/13


Welcome to our weekly post where we list current blog posts and articles that have piqued our interest and are worth sharing. [Read more…]

Newest Contender for the Sydney Spartan Ultra Beast

Spartan Ultra Beast

Anyone who is familiar with Spartan Race knows that only a select group of competitors are crazy committed enough to take on the Spartan Ultra Beast.  And even fewer actually get to collect the coveted Ultra Beast medal at the end.  This year Spartan will be hosting a marathon-length Ultra Beast obstacle race in Sydney, Australia.  Pierrick Nicol, 24, a determined Frenchman has decided to take on that Ultra Beast challenge. [Read more…]

The Beauty in Fun Runs

fun run

While pushing yourself to your physical and mental limits at a Spartan, Tough Mudder or other extreme obstacle race can be a great time, it’s important to remember to kick back and have fun with your runs sometimes too! A great way to do so is to participate in a fun run. [Read more…]

Escape The Nightmares Giveaway

Escape The Nightmares


Do you want to experience a new kind of obstacle race?  Then check out Escape the Nightmares.

[Read more…]

Spartan Race Giveaway


If you haven’t done so already, check out our Spartan Race Giveaway!  You could win a free race to any US Spartan Race currently open for registration.  All you need to do is enter the contest. [Read more…]

Mavericks Mud Run Giveaway

We were lucky enough to interview Darrel Courtney, the race planner for the Mavericks Mud Run.  The interview will be up very soon.

But in the meantime I wanted to share some great news!  Darrel was kind enough to offer up some free race entries for this event.  And since it is happening this weekend, we wanted to get the word out! [Read more…]

First Look at Men’s Health Urbanathlon

I am very excited to share with you that I will be participating in the 2013 Men’s Health Urbanathlon.  I was invited to come run the event and cover my training and experience leading up to the race. [Read more…]

Preparing For Sparta


As more people become interested in obstacle racing and take the plunge to sign up for their first race inevitably the question that always comes up is “How do I train?”

Training for races will vary from person to person just like the types of shoes people chose to wear. Some people will tell you they rolled off the couch and did a Tough Mudder. While others will tell you about their meticulous diet and extreme exercise regimen. [Read more…]

Mud Run Birthdays and Obstacle Race Parties

This is the finisher medal all the kids received.

This is the finisher medal all the kids received.

This past weekend I accomplished two major events – creating a memorable birthday party for my 9 year old daughter, and designing my own obstacle course.   [Read more…]

13 in 2013 Update While Dealing with Setbacks


I am participating in the 13 in 2013 Race Challenge, and as I updated my last few races into the spreadsheet this morning I realized that I have completed 12 of the 13 races already!  I was completely floored!  It’s so hard to believe how much my life has changed in the last three years when I set my goal to run that first 5K race.  Now it’s half way through 2013, and I have completed 12 races.  AMAZING! This is something I could have never imagined doing in my life.  But there is still so much I want to accomplish. [Read more…]