Episode 36 – Runnin’ with the Kardashians

Daniel and Laurie recap Warrior Dash and Mud Factor. Laurie interviews the fine folks at MuckFest MS. And well.. Daniel failed America. This is an explosive episode you will not want to miss! [Read more…]

Episode 35 – Dirt in your Skirt

In this episode Laurie interviews Margaret Schlachter founder of Dirt in your Skirt and author of Obstacle Race Training: How to Beat Any Course, Compete Like a Champion and Change Your Life. [Read more…]

Episode 34 – The Breaking Point

In this episode Laurie reviews The Checkpoint Challenge and Merrell Down and Dirty.  We also have an interview with Jenna Long from the ROC Race.  Plus the latest happenings in OCR and a Beginners Tip. [Read more…]

Episode 33 – Critical Hit

Laurie and Daniel recap the Zombie Run and we have interviews with Checkpoint Challenge and Merrell Down & Dirty. We also have tips on fueling during a race. [Read more…]

Episode 32 – Mud Funk

In this episode we recap Hit and Run as well as Atlas race. We also talk about some of the new books on the horizon about Obstacle Racing. And we have a interview with Matt B Davis about his new book. [Read more…]

Episode 31- Zombie and Nightmares

In this episode Laurie and Daniel escape the nightmares with this scary recap. We also interview Chloe Swenson from Human Movement to discuss The Zombie Run. [Read more…]

Episode 30 – Agents of W.I.SP.R.

In this episode Lance Landers from Atlas Race joins us for an interview. We also recap the Spartan Sprint and Super from a few weeks ago in Temecula Ca. and Daniel forms the exclusive running club W.I.SP.R. [Read more…]

Episode 29 – Chronicles of a Bad Ass

In this episode we have an interview with Frank Prather, founder of Bad Ass America. A race that was over before it began. We also recap The Hunger Runs, plus our tip for beginners. [Read more…]

Episode 28 – Spartans and Hunters

In this episode we talk about the Spartan World Championship program on NBC. We also have interviews with Jonathan Nolan from the Corn Fed Spartans and the folks from The Hunger Runs! [Read more…]

Episode 27 – Keep Calm and Hobie On

In this episode Daniel and Laurie review Gladiator Rock and Run, Rugged Maniac, and FusterCluck. Laurie also interviews Callie Stephens from Dirty Girl.

[Read more…]