About Us

This is Daniel and I’m Laurie.  We have been together for as long as anyone can remember.

Daniel is a Chicago boy who moved to California as a kid.  And I’m a true Southern California girl.

Our lives usually consists of child wrangling our three kids, soccer games, and frequent trips to Disneyland.  Daniel loves Disneyland so much he has another podcast dedicated to it. The DisGeek Podcast!

Life is too short to just sit on the couch (or clean house, or do laundry…) so we are always on the go.

We love trying new things and sharing adventures together.  Obstacle racing has allowed us to experience some great things and bring our kids along for the ride.

Our Secret to Happiness? Lots of laughter and never taking ourselves too seriously.

The Hale Family. Daniel, Laurie, Marlee, Aiden, Allyson, and Jake.