Episode 24 – Mud and Blood

This episode we recap the Mavericks Mud run and talk to Dirk Hagen from Zombie Blood Run. We also discuss what happened to Hero Rush.


Training tips – http://m.active.com/running/Articles/6-Tips-to-Start-Trail-Running

– Hero Rush out of Business
– Mavericks Mud Run Recap
– Interview with Dirk Hagen from Zombie Blood Run 8/17 at Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia

Video of the Week – how to trail run brought to you be Integrated Fitness.



  1. Eric Hansen says

    Great podcast [again!]. I appreciated the trail running tips and thought about them as I was trying to pass people today at MS MuckFest-TwinCities. FOLKS, get to the right so we can pass you if we need to. Hogging up the path is frustrating to us going faster.

    Hugs to you both, Laurie and Daniel.

    Daniel, need those Disneyland tips for the Tinkerbell 1/2. Let’s talk!

  2. Hey,
    Really dig the podcast. Only started running about 2 years ago. Over the past 4+ years Ive lost about 125 lbs and am really enjoying doing the things I could do now that I couldnt do when I was heavier. I started with 5k road races and worked my way up to a half marathon. Have done a bunch of the smaller mud runs. My favorite was Warrior Dash. I’ve done a Spartan Sprint but I am def not an elite athlete but I really like the challenge of the harder races.
    Anyway regarding Daniels concern about trying shoes- you should always find out the return policy. Many running specialty stores have an interest in getting a shoe that really works for the buyer in hopes of getting return business. RoadRunner Sports has a 90 Love it or return it policy. Take the shoes out and run in them- ALOT. and if they dont work for you bring em back.

    Take care.

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