Mud & Obstacle Magazine – Review

There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the first issue of Mud & Obstacle Magazine.  I for one have been waiting with bated breath to get my hands on it.  So I was stoked when I was sent a preview copy!  

I was asked not to post pictures of the inside of the magazine, so I apologize for not sharing more than the cover.


What I can say is I was very impressed with the quality of the magazine.  Every article was informative and held my attention.  The photographs are beautiful and really capture the spirit of each athlete and the sport as a whole.

Robert Young, the editor-in-chief, is an obstacle racer himself.  So his love of the sport can be felt throughout the magazine. I liked how one article had a small editorial sidebar that tied in his experience and things he learned from the contributor’s story.  That is not something seen often in magazines, and added a nice touch.

If you follow obstacle racing, you will be familiar with most of the contributors.  They are well known, and offer fresh insights to the sport we love.

I really enjoyed the training topics they covered.  Seasoned racers as well as beginners will find useful tips that will help improve their performance.

They did a good job covering many different races.  It was nice to see that even some smaller up and coming events got some attention.

Mud & Obstacle Magazine’s first issue is scheduled to be released January 14, 2014.  It will be a bi-monthly publication and is priced at $5.99.  There is a substantial discount if you purchase a subscription.  There are also future plans to have a digital version as well.

I am looking forward to more issues and know this will be a magazine that I will read over and over again.

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