Newest Contender for the Sydney Spartan Ultra Beast

Spartan Ultra Beast

Anyone who is familiar with Spartan Race knows that only a select group of competitors are crazy committed enough to take on the Spartan Ultra Beast.  And even fewer actually get to collect the coveted Ultra Beast medal at the end.  This year Spartan will be hosting a marathon-length Ultra Beast obstacle race in Sydney, Australia.  Pierrick Nicol, 24, a determined Frenchman has decided to take on that Ultra Beast challenge.

Just to show what Pierrick will be up against, here are some statistics that are from the Killington, VT Ultra Beast that took place September 22, 2013.

 Registered: 585, Only 43% Finished

 15 Female finishers and 237 Male finishers

Pierrick was not always in a position to even think of taking on such a challenge.  In 2009 Pierrick realized that at 105kg (233 pounds) he didn’t like what he saw when he looked in the mirror, and decided that he needed to do something about it.  He worked tirelessly to transform himself into the active, fit machine he is today.

Pierrick in 2009 at 105kg

Pierrick in 2009 at 105kg

Pierrick Now

Pierrick Today at 82kg


When he first began his fitness journey, he could barely keep a good running pace for more than 10 minutes without feeling like he would collapse.  After 18 months of healthier eating habits and regular exercise, Pierrick lost 23kg (50 pounds).  With his new found energy and confidence he decided to test himself by signing up for his first Spartan Sprint Race.  It was a huge challenge that left him with such a great sense of accomplishment.  That’s when he realized he had been bit by the Spartan bug!

Pierrick Ninja

Pierrick continued running, and in 2012 he competed in his first Spartan Beast south of London.  The course was filled with all the usual Spartan obstacles.  He found himself throwing spears, climbing walls, crawling under barbed wire, maneuvering through frigid water and fighting off gladiators before claiming his medal.  The entire experience left him wanting more.

 Pierrick decided to take his training to the next level and apply to participate in the Spartan Ultra Beast which is scheduled for November 2nd in Sydney.  Part of his training has included running as one of 34,000 participants in the Sydney Marathon, which took place September 22, 2013.  He finished with a respectable time of 4:24.

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The Spartan Ultra Beast is not just a test of one’s strength.  It is an emotional roller coaster where your mind will be your biggest cynic. You will need to push past that voice that tells you to quit and keep going. When talking to anyone who has participated in a Spartan Ultra Beast, they will tell you the whole experience was life changing and humbling.  The course won’t be your biggest obstacle – it’s your mind.

Spartan UB

We want to wish Pierrick the very best of luck at the Sydney Ultra Beast.  Keep your head in the game and you will go far!
Remember…You’ll know at the finish line.

When not Training for a Spartan Race, Pierrick spends his time working as a pastry chef.  He also has a love for cooking, playing video games, and reading.

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