MudRunFun Magazine Transforms into Hybrid Runner


The world of OCR is a continually evolving animal.  Those of us involved in the industry in one form or another know that nothing stays the same for long, and it has been amazing to watch the evolution of the sport grow and get better each day.

Today, the folks at MudRunFun announced a change to their MudRunFun digital magazine.  It will now be called Hybrid Runner Magazine.  Rather than focusing solely on obstacle races, they will expand their coverage to all types of events including fun runs, rucking, obstacle course racing and mud runs.  The magazine will be produced bi-monthly in digital form and will cover a broader spectrum which better represents their audience.

Hybrid Runner Magazine will be available beginning in May 2014.

I am especially excited about this announcement, as I have been asked to be a contributing writer for the magazine.  I am honored at the opportunity to be able to share my love and passion for the sport with all of their readers!

So sign up now, and be prepared for some dirty goodness in your inbox.

See below for the full press release.

MudRunFun Magazine

MudRunFun Magazine

MudRunFun Magazine Evolves into Hybrid Runner Magazine

MudRunFun Magazine will become Hybrid Runner Magazine in May of 2014 to better represent its subscribers. Readers can expect to see more focus on fun runs, rucking, obstacle course runs and mud runs.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 03, 2014

MudRunFun Magazine is changing to meet the needs of all of the hybrid runners and race organizers creating new adventures around the country. “Our subscribers told us that they are interested in many different kinds of runs, adventures and challenges. They talk about themselves as a hybrid between a typical street runner, an obstacle racer, and someone looking for a fun weekend adventure. So that is what Hybrid Runner is all about,” says Damion Trombley, president of MudRunFun LLC. “We already cover fun runs like glow runs, color runs, off road trail runs, obstacle races, and mud runs. Hybrid Runner is for all of these alternative participants. He/she might enjoy fun runs and mud runs, or rucking and obstacle runs. That is why our magazine is targeting the “Hybrid Runner.”

 The digital MudRunFun magazine was first released in August of 2013 with articles on fitness, obstacle course strategy, health, and the inspirational victories of the exceptional people that flock to these races. What can you expect from Hybrid Runner magazine? We have contributing writers from across the “Hybrid” community including Holly Berkey, the famous “Muddy Mommy”; Dr. Roger Smith, author of The New Blueprint for Fitness; Laurie Hale, Host of Getting Dirty Podcast and reviews of everything a hybrid runner could be interested in from races to apparel to supplements to strategies.

Vice President, Matthew O’Leary, says, “Our magazine is different because it is an interactive community newsletter that is very personal. Hybrid Runner Magazine will open a direct digital doorway for the reader to get the full experience out of the community at the same time giving the advertiser the power of being one click away from their customer. The articles come directly from our community. Our inspirational reads are always different depending on who is writing them. They really show how being a Hybrid Runner has changed people’s lives, and the spirit of our community shows through this.”

Hybrid Runner Magazine will have its debut release in May 2014 and will be available for your viewing pleasure bi-monthly. Do you want to subscribe now or get more information? Visit