The 3 Day Countdown

I just realized I have three days until my next event. We will be driving out to Apple Valley, CA and participating in the Rockin’ The Desert mud run. It’s a 5K run with 18+ obstacles.

Rockin the Desert Course Map

This is the first time I am doing their event, so I’m excited to see what they have in store. Besides the usual things you see at an obstacle race (mud crawls, walls, tires) they have a couple that I am really interested in. One obstacle is called the Monster Crawl. Sounds fun! I’m guessing it will be a long mud pit with barbed wired over the top that you have to crawl through. The other one that looks interesting is the Ice Bath. If this is anything like the Tough Mudder Arctic Enema that should feel really good after a run in the desert. [Read more…]