Episode 15 – Urban Warrior Dash Recap

Daniel, Laurie, and Chris recap their adventure doing the Urban Warrior Dash in San Diego. We also have some Noteworthy News, our Video of the Week, and we some Shoutouts.


Noteworthy News
Hobie Call has announced his separation from Spartan. He is going to work with Extreme Racing. This is a new race that promises to change the face of obstacle racing. They are working on bringing it to television and standardizing the obstacles and creating a more spectator aspect to the sport. Hobie will be their Spokesman, Course Designer and Active Participant. This may change the face of obstacle racing for those who do it competitively. What are your first thoughts on this announcement?

Feature – Urban Warrior Dash – See this blog post for a written review and pictures.

Video of the Week: The Muddy Run Urban Warrior Dash Video


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  1. Colleen Roney says

    Listened to my first episode and really enjoyed it! Really looking forward to my first run this month! Keep up the good work!

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