Episode 44 – Back from the Dead

This episode Laurie interviews Dirk Hagen from The Zombie Blood Run and we talk about the fall of Lozilu Women’s Mud Run. Mud Gear Compression Socks get reviewed, and we also explain our long hiatus and why we had to take a break from Obstacle Racing and Podcasting.

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Episode 42 – Breaking Skulls with Heather Hudson

In this episode we interview Heather Hudson who was the season 1 champion of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge on the CMT Network. We also break down the latest news news from the world of OCR.

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Episode 41 – Atlas Race Reboot

In this episode we interview Lance Landers from Atlas Race and talk what what’s new in 2015. We also talk about all of the recent Tough Mudder news.

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Mini Episode – The Battlegrounds

In this mini episode, Laurie interviews Carl Bolm from The Battlegrounds in St. Louis. [Read more…]

Episode 40 – The Latest Dirt

Laurie and Daniel return to talk about all of the latest dirt in the world of Obstacle Racing. OCR World Champions, Warrior Dash World Championships, and more.

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Episode 39 – No Beer for You!

Laurie and Daniel recap the Run Disney Disneyland Half Marathon. We are joined by Chris Cow to recap The Terrain Mud Run. Yishai Horowitz joins us to talk about Mud Mash. We also have our training tip as well as our video of the week. [Read more…]

Episode 38 – Zombies and Modelo

In this episode Laurie has an interview with Dirk from Zombie Blood Run. We also talk about getting sized for running shoes and how to transition into longer distance races.
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Episode 37 – Because Stone Cold Said So

In this episode Laurie Interviews Don Mann from Battle Frog. We also open a can of whoopass and talk about Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge.

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Episode 31- Zombie and Nightmares

In this episode Laurie and Daniel escape the nightmares with this scary recap. We also interview Chloe Swenson from Human Movement to discuss The Zombie Run. [Read more…]

Mini Episode October 2013

In this mini episode Laurie interviews Socorro Solorio from the VNA Monster Mash. [Read more…]