Episode 3 – We’re Bringing Sexy Back

Daniel and Laurie start a series of training tips to help prepare you for your next race.  We also talk about a little snafoo that happened at Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic, and we bring you up to speed with our own training progress.

Tough Mudder Snafu

Apology Video


Training Tips

Training Tip #1 Start Slow
Any time you start something new it’s easy to want to jump in and give it your all.  That may not be the best idea if you are just starting to exercise or beginning to run for the first time.  If you start off too fast your body may rebel, and leave you a sore stiff mess.  It may just turn you off from exercising ever again.  Okay, maybe not forever.  But there are some things we can suggest that can help you ease into a routine that will be enjoyable and great for you at the same time.

You should make your way slowly into a running routine.  Going slow and steady will get you to running three miles (or 5K) on a regular basis in just two-three months.

When you first start out, shoot for 20 or 30 minute sessions, three times a week.   Make sure to spread the days out  throughout the week to give yourself a chance to rest and recover.  You should have a rest day in between your running days.

Don’t worry about how fast you’re going. That will come later.  In the beginning focus on your form and building your stamina and the speed will come later.

Before hitting the pavement (or dirt), make sure to start each session with a five-minute warm up.  This can include light stretches, a brisk walk or slow jog.  A cool down is important too.  Take your time to stretch out all your muscles after exercise.  This is a chance for you to slow down your heart rate and keep those muscles from cramping up on you.

Training Tip #2 – Trail Running

Trail running is  a whole different experience than running on a hard surface like asphalt or concrete.  You will have much more cushion in your step and it’s a great way to help strengthen your your ankles, legs and core.

If you don’t feel you are ready for the challenge of running on dirt, try walking it first or a nice hike.  This will get you familiar with the feeling of the ground without having to pay extra close attention to where your feet are landing.

Once you are ready to take it to the next level, you will find that running trails keeps your mind challenged as you never know what your next step will be. You might have to run through a small body of water, run on loose ground, bypass rocks, avoid snakes, or maneuver up hills.

Trail running or walking is a great way to test your cardiovascular strength, strengthen your core and get you ready for a Mud Run.

Step out of your comfort zone.  Try it, you’re gonna like it.

Embrace the scenery and watch yourself build more strength.


How to Warm Up Text

Warm Up Video


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