5 by 5th Virtual Run Series – January Check In

As 2013 rolls around many of us start to think about what goals or resolutions we should set for the new year.  As I mentioned before I decided to take part in the 5 by 5th Virtual Run Series.  This was set up to help people get moving and move towards a more active lifestyle.

As I woke up on New Year’s Day I knew I wanted to log my miles on this first day of the new year. Daniel and I decided to go out to Placerita Canyon, which is a short distance from our house and an area full of great trails.  The trail we chose to do was a 4 mile out and back trail with a couple inclines along the way.

I brought my camera along because I love all the beauty that can be seen while hiking in the canyon.  This area in particular dramatically changes with the seasons and becomes very green with just a little rain.

Oak groves line the paths at Placerita Canyon.

As I started hiking down the tree lined path the cold crisp air started filling my lungs.  A part of me wanted to push off as fast as I could to sprint down this trail as I have done many times before.  But the tightness in my back made me give it a second thought.    Instead I decided to keep a fast pace walk down the trail and enjoy the nature all around me.


Recent rains have added color to the trails.


It was very peaceful with the sound of the wind rustling through the trees and the occasional stellar jay singing in the distance.

This was a great way to start out the new year off right.  I can’t wait to get out on the trails again and amp up my training with some light running.

Happy after my New Year’s Resolution Walk




For more information check out http://www.mommyrunfast.com/5-by-5th-virtual-run-series/


  • All of the races are free.
  • Record your time each month as evidence that you ran, and each run recorded will count toward monthly prizes.
  • If you only run one race, your name will stay in the drawing through all six months.  If you run all six races, you’ll have six entries by June’s prize drawing.

The series of virtual runs provides an opportunity to win prizes every month, or to get competitive with yourself and track your speed or progress each month if you’d like to.  New runners and walkers welcome!


  1. That looks so beautiful! What a great way to kick off your new year. Thanks so much for participating!

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