5 by 5th Virtual Run Series

I never would have thought having a doctor telling me not to run for 12 weeks would be heartbreaking.  This is definitely something new for me.  A few years ago, if my doctor would have told me to stop exercising I would have considered that doctor’s strict orders to lay on the couch and put myself quickly into a junk food coma.  Wow, how things have changed.

Couch Potato

I now find myself perched on top of a slippery slope that I don’t want to fall down from.  I am very aware of how my body is reacting to this less active lifestyle I have been forced to accept (for the time being).  I have had to temporarily give up my long trail runs, weight lifting and boot camp.  This time of year it is especially hard.  Even more so since I have just perfected the most sinfully delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe that would rival anyone on Food Network or the Cooking Channel.


As I mentioned on a previous post, I have been having some back problems.  I have finally found out the reason behind all my pain.  It is going to take many sessions with my chiropractor to get it better, but at least there is hope for relief at the end.

I have cheated a little bit since I has told to take it easy.  I did do a couple of short runs and finished the Malibu Spartan Sprint.  I told myself it was okay since I ended up walking most of the course because it was so muddy.  I went to my first boot camp in 2 months last week.  I really did miss it.  I also realized how much harder it was since my body was out of its routine.

Spartan Race

 In an effort to get myself back into the groove, I have decided to participate in the 5 by 5th Virtual Run Series.  This was set up to help people get moving and move towards a more active lifestyle.  For me it will be a great way to ease back into things while still keeping me accountable.  This is going to run from January to June, with the option to run a 5k or 5 miler by the 5th of each month.  You can run once, or every month, or even walk!

If you would like to join, register here!


5 by 5th

For more information check out http://www.mommyrunfast.com/5-by-5th-virtual-run-series/


  • All of the races are free.
  • Record your time each month as evidence that you ran, and each run recorded will count toward monthly prizes.
  • If you only run one race, your name will stay in the drawing through all six months.  If you run all six races, you’ll have six entries by June’s prize drawing.

The series of virtual runs provides an opportunity to win prizes every month, or to get competitive with yourself and track your speed or progress each month if you’d like to.  New runners and walkers welcome!


  1. I know that feeling- it is now very hard for me to be told not to exercise, too! Thanks for sharing the link- I’m glad you’re joining us!

  2. Don’t know what I’d do if the doc said no more mud runs.

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