An App for Ultimate Obstacle Races

The fitness industry has seen some strange trends come and go, and one that is currently making waves are those muddy, obstacle runs that push participants to their limits. From the outside you can clearly see how intense these competitions can get, but no one can really understand how challenging they are until they participate in one, as explain that these workouts have the ability to push you to the limit – both physically and mentally.

If this is the type of challenge you’re up for, then it’s high time you start training. To give you that jumpstart you need, it’s recommended that you use your smartphone to whip you into shape. Because of the popularity of apps today, mobile apps have become the most useful tool across the world to source content according to the operators of mobile-optimized website, Spin Genie. Thus, apps allow us to conveniently rely on our smartphones for most everyday situations. A study from Statista indicates that “health and fitness” is one of the top app categories downloaded from the iTunes App Store, and so for anyone wondering if their mobile device could be used for fitness training, even for the most obscure sports like obstacle races, we can confirm that your phone can help you physically prepare for race day of any kind.

A couple years ago, the makers of the world’s best-selling obstacle race book decided to launch a mobile app suitable for both the beginner and experienced racers, and everyone in between. With comprehensive training plans and detailed exercises for all levels of fitness, the Ultimate Obstacle Race Training app is the only digital companion you need to ready your mind and body for these types of races. iPhone and iPad users can purchase this all-inclusive app for just $1.99 on iTunes.



If you’re also looking for an app that catalogues upcoming obstacle and mud races, an iOS race finder app is also available for users in the UK and US. The app is free and displays all the listings for 2015 and 2016.

This blog post was sponsored by Ultimate Obstacle Race Training app

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