Corn Fed Crucible Race Giveaway

Our Corn Fed Spartan friends have been working hard bringing fun and adventure to the midwest.  They have dominated courses at local obstacle races, and have grown their members by leaps and bounds.

Earlier this year they created a virtual run where proceeds benefited All For Hope.  The All For Hope Virtual 5K raised over $2,300 towards the fight against childhood cancer.


They recently announced that they are creating the Corn Fed Crucible.  Their website says,  “The Crucible is the ultimate race experience that combines 5+ miles rugged terrain with unique and challenging obstacles. It is the greatest test of stamina, mental determination,  fitness, and camaraderie.”

The race will be held at the Wikman farm in Monterey, Indiana September 13, 2014.

Listen to our interview with CFS Jonathan Nolan for more details on the race.

Jonathan was kind enough to offer a free race to one of our listeners.  Thank you Jonathan!   Contest ends January 10th. Good Luck!!

Jonathan did say that they are still working on the design of the course, so what kinds of obstacles would you like to see at The Crucible?  We would love to see your suggestions in the comments below!


  1. Patrick Dunning says

    I’d like to see some sort of twist on fire hurdles. I mean can’t get too nuts as we don’t want people dying… But fire jumps are always thrilling… But they are all pretty much the same. I dunno.

    • @Patrick – You will be happy to know there will be a twist on that!!

      @Jennifer and Julia – Barb wire crawls are a must in any OCR, and I think you will enjoy the ones we have in store for you!!

  2. Jennifer Jarvi says

    I like crawls, so I’d like to see a good and muddy barb wire crawl.

  3. barb wire crawls are always awesome, and I’d love to see some kind of tyrolean traverse set up!

  4. I shared this with a group of runners. Wish it was close enough for me to enter. Good luck to all that enter!

  5. kristie shelton says

    I would love to try this!! I would like to see walls to scale, and things to jump over.

  6. Looks like a cool event!

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