Episode 27 – Keep Calm and Hobie On

In this episode Daniel and Laurie review Gladiator Rock and Run, Rugged Maniac, and FusterCluck. Laurie also interviews Callie Stephens from Dirty Girl.


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Rise of the SufferFests.  Check out their kickstarter.

Daniel and Laurie review the following races:




Laurie also interviews Callie Stephens from Dirty Girl.  Use code DIRTYLA for $20 off registration to any race purchased before December 31st.


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Inside Obstacle News 13: Spartan Race 2013 World Championship Vermont Beast


  1. First off, I recently found your podcast and like what you guys are doing. It’s great to hear about upcoming races and get reviews on races you’ve run.

    Recently, you did a podcast where you reviewed the Gladiator Rock n Run in Pasadena. I did the race in June in San Diego, and it sounds like we had very different experiences! First off, you did correct your early statement that there was no medal… this is one of my favorites, especially with the unique (for me at least) aspect of incorporating a bottle opener on the back.

    The San Diego Rock n Run was held at Barona, which made a nice change from Vail Lake, and the day was killer with temps in the 100’s. Course was a nice mix of hills and somewhat flatter, and obstacles were great, including the world’s longest mud pit (with a water station halfway through). Entertainment at the venue was great, with live bands and contests after the run.

    As for the Nitro thing; at our event at least he definitely did not have anyone hyping up the crowd for his “appearance”. In fact, he impressed us quite a bit because he was everywhere during the race, and it was obvious that he was really invested in this race succeeding. He was pumping up the crowd before the start, up on stage MC’ing the contests and encouraging people’s participation, and wandering the crowd chatting with people and stopping for pictures with anyone who asked.

    Overall, my wife and I found this to be a very fun event with some challenging terrain and cool obstacles (our race included part of a paintball park and the unique obstacle of “storming the castle” where we had to make it through 1 of 16 small windows in a set piece while people in the bushes were firing paintballs at our backsides). We would have rated this one closer to an 8 than a 6, but of course every race and venue is different, as is every runner’s race. I’d encourage you to check it out at the Barona venue if it comes back next year.

    • Laurie Hale says

      Chris, Thanks for the comments! You are absolutely right when you said each race is different. I think the venue and overall energy from other participants can change the feel of a race. I’m glad to hear you had such a great experience. It sounds completely different from the Pasadena race. I’ll never write off a race after doing it just once. It’s not fair to the race because things change from race to race. I will most likely do it again next year and I’ll be sure to report back! ~Laurie

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