Reebok Spartan Cruise Sweepstakes


Spartan Race has conquered the land, now they head out to sea!

When I think of cruising I think of endless buffets, bottomless drinks and lots of fun.

Well I’m sure the Spartan Cruise will have all that and so much more!  Throw in a Spartan Race and you’ve got a cruise of epic proportions.  Who wouldn’t want to be on a ship surrounded by like minded people who love Spartan as much as you do?   [Read more…]

Episode 29 – Chronicles of a Bad Ass

In this episode we have an interview with Frank Prather, founder of Bad Ass America. A race that was over before it began. We also recap The Hunger Runs, plus our tip for beginners. [Read more…]

Episode 28 – Spartans and Hunters

In this episode we talk about the Spartan World Championship program on NBC. We also have interviews with Jonathan Nolan from the Corn Fed Spartans and the folks from The Hunger Runs! [Read more…]

Spartan Race World Championships

The Malibu Spartan Sprint is quickly approaching on December 7th.   This will mark the one year anniversary of me doing Spartan Races.  It was a memorable experience, and I can’t wait to do the course again to see how they changed it up this year. [Read more…]

Spartan Reebok Mash Up


Spartan Race made a huge announcement today – Reebok will be their title sponsor of Spartan Races in a multi-year deal. This will open up so many more avenues for Spartan to take their brand further than they have before. Joe De Sena, Founder of Spartan, says it will help them continue to expand globally as well as help make obstacle racing an Olympic sport. You would think that this would had obstacle racers doing flips at the thought of bringing their beloved sport into the mainstream.
Read press release here.

So why are Spartan die hards so upset?

For a long time I have struggled to figure out the secret behind the loyal following of Spartan. This is something that I haven’t seen in any other racing series. Their fans will tell you Spartan is the only way to go in obstacle racing and that every other race pales in comparison. It usually includes some colorful words to go along with that sentiment. In an industry that is growing faster than mold on bread, what makes Spartan so special?

Today I think I finally understand. [Read more…]