Episode 5 – Run For Your Lives!

Daniel and Laurie talk to Olivia Orth at Run For Your Lives! A unique Obstacle Race with a Zombie twist. We also discuss an article that came out in the November issue of Outside Magazine. In this article there is an expose on the big three obstacle race companies and it would seem, that some of these companies play dirty. We also have our Mini Training Tip and a new segment, Video of the Week.

Outside Magazine – November 2012 – Are You Tough Enough?

Feature – Interview with Olivia Orth from Run For Your Lives!

Mini Training Tip

Training Tip- It’s not all about running. Work on strength training as well. Simple Strength Training without weights. Try to do 20 reps of each exercise. Then build up from there.

1. Twisting crunches – Instead of traditional sit ups, bring your elbow towards the opposite knee creating a twisting motion while crunching upwards.




2. Leg raises – While on your back, lift a straight leg up and then down at a slow speed. For more resistance, lift both legs at the same time!






Chest — also works Triceps, Biceps, Abs, Shoulders
1. Pushups – Traditional or on your knees




2. Wall Pushups – put your on the wall forming a triangle with your index fingers and your thumbs. Then push!




Quads, Butt, Hamstrings
1. Lunges – Step out with one leg and lunge down being careful not to take your knee past your ankle. Form is everything!




2. Squats – Sit back in that pretend chair to strengthen your backside.




Video of the Week




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