OCR Week In Review – 11/1/13


Welcome to our weekly post where we list current blog posts and articles that have piqued our interest and are worth sharing.
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Run For Your Lives Cancels All Upcoming Events

UPDATE: Human Movement LLC, has taken over the remaining Run For Your Lives events. This company is behind events like Dirty Girl Mud Run, The Color Run, 5K Foam Fest and more. As such their Facebook, twitter, and website are now back to life. So happy to hear that Run For Your Lives will live on!



Run For Your Lives is no more.  This was news that saddened me.  The news that all future events for Run For Your Lives have been cancelled indefinitely swept across the internet and through the OCR community Wednesday afternoon. [Read more…]

Episode 26 – Summer Muddin’

Summer Muddin’ had me a blast / Summer Muddin happened so fast!

Join us as we recap the races that got us dirty this summer.  We also have Race Giveaways and Promo codes! [Read more…]

Episode 10 – Looking Back at 2012

In this episode we look back at our racing adventures in 2012 with special guests, Lexie Jones and Chris Carpenter.


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Episode 6 – Zombies and Monsters and Mud, Oh My!

There were plenty of monster themed obstacles races this past month and we talk about two that we did: Run For Your Lives and The Monster Mash Obstacle Race. We also interview Steve Carlisle who is taking fundraising and obstacle racing to a whole new level.
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Run For Your Lives! Obstacle Race Review

Here’s the scoop on Run for Your Lives: Race waves run every 30 minutes with about 500 runners per wave. Runners wear a flag football belt and 3 flags. Throughout the course you must avoid zombies who are after your life (flags). The goal is to make it to the end of the course with at least one flag to be considered a ‘survivor’. If you lose all your flags, you cross the finish line ‘dead’.


Run For Your Lives Southern California 10/20/12

Early Saturday morning, before the sun rose, we packed the car and began our trek to Vail Lake for the Run For Your Lives obstacle race. During the two hour drive we worked on our strategy to outrun zombies and devised a plan to get some great photos and video of the race. [Read more…]

Episode 5 – Run For Your Lives!

Daniel and Laurie talk to Olivia Orth at Run For Your Lives! A unique Obstacle Race with a Zombie twist. We also discuss an article that came out in the November issue of Outside Magazine. In this article there is an expose on the big three obstacle race companies and it would seem, that some of these companies play dirty. We also have our Mini Training Tip and a new segment, Video of the Week. [Read more…]