Episode 20 – A FusterClucking Good Time

In this episode we talk about some new Active Entertainment events.  We interview the creator of the wild redneck race, FusterCluck.  And we have some big news to share with all our listeners!


Ever wanted to run through a pulse pounding rave-like night run?  Then be sure to check out the Electric Run.



The Bubble Run has some good potential for memorable future races.

Bubble Run


A great night run can be found at the Firefly Run.  Be sure to check out all their events at www.fireflyrun.com.

Firefly Run


Have you been longing to channel your inner redneck?  Is so, you are in luck!  Niall Donnelly of FusterCluck has been hard at work to create the dirtiest, funnest backwoods good time for all their participants.  This race is scheduled for October 5th in Temecula, CA.  Don’t be surprised if these rednecks show up in your neck of the woods soon!

Enter Code  CLUCKYEAH to save 10%!



Big Announcement!  Daniel and Laurie have teamed up with Matt B. Davis and Obstacle Racing Media http://obstacleracingmedia.com/ to start the very first OCR Podcast Network!  There can only be good things in store with this partnership.  Check out Matt’s show here: http://mattbdavisruns.com/



Matt B Davis

Daniel and Laurie have more big news!  They are teaming up with some big names in the Fitness and OCR industry and have created ObstacleRaces.com.  They hope to make this site your #1 resource for all things OCR and Mud Run related.  Check it out and tell us what you think!




Video of the Week – A great look at Tough Mudder on the Today Show



TM Today

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