Episode 21 – Cooling Off At Tough Mudderrrrrr!

At last here it is! Our long awaited Tough Mudder episode. Ok so nobody was waiting, but we got a short interview with Sean Corvelle, and we sing the national anthem. We also have our video of the week. Now it’s time to get dirty!



This episode is a new / old one. Meaning it’s newly uploaded but recorded way back in February. This episode is all about the 2013 Tough Mudder event that took place in Temecula, CA. Laurie talks about her third time at Tough Mudder.  She was lucky enough to interviewed  Sean Corvelle, the legendary Tough Mudder MC. She also describes how she almost froze to death.

What was the hold up? Well, Lauire had some interviews that needed to go up. Then more interviews, then we did some races that we wanted to talk about. So it just kept getting pushed back. So here we are, sitting inside a house that’s 100 degrees, thinking about being cool and we thought, let’s put out the Tough Mudder episode we did. So here we are. Enjoy!


Interview with Sean Corvelle




Video of the Week




Here are some Vines we did at Tough Mudder.  Enjoy!








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