Episode 36 – Runnin’ with the Kardashians

Daniel and Laurie recap Warrior Dash and Mud Factor. Laurie interviews the fine folks at MuckFest MS. And well.. Daniel failed America. This is an explosive episode you will not want to miss!


Have you ever been to a race and gotten sick afterwards?  Hopefully you have never experienced the dreaded Explosive Diarrhea! – Slate Article

Race Recaps
Warrior Dash – always a great time and never disappoints!  Sign up for Warrior Dash here:  https://www.warriordash.com/
Mud Factor – When a race is created by a motocross badass, what do you get?  Mud Factor!  Maybe you can meet some reality show sightings of your own!  Check them out here: http://www.mudfactor.com/

Racing Hazards 

Our Little One left Mud Factor with more than just a medal.

Mud Factor took a bite out of Chris’ shorts!

Kardashians Participate in a Mud Run



MuckFest MS – When was the last time you had so much fun and helped a great cause?
Come join the Getting Dirty Podcast team October 25th at Prado Regional Park in Chino, CA.
Like to twerk tweet?  Be sure to follow @MuckFestMS!


Training Tip of the Week
Dealing with Sore Muscles after a race?  There is nothing better than a warm bath and some Epsom Salts!

Video of the Week

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