FrogFuel First Thoughts and Giveaway

I have some pretty intense races coming up in the next few months and thought it would be a good idea to step up my training a bit.  I am still taking it easy on my back, but I really need to kick up my strength training.  I was asked by FrogFuel to test out their product, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.



I don’t have any loyalty to any one brand of protein shot, so I was excited to give this a try.  As I began to look at their website I was impressed with the amount of information that they provide to their customers.  Right away I was happy to learn that this product was made up of collagen protein and contains taurine along with amino acids.

The collagen helps improve skin and muscle tone, increases joint flexibility and promotes healthy bones, arteries, hair, and teeth.

The taurine helps rebuild muscles and aids in recovery.  That means less chance of sore muscles after an intense workout.



Their website is full of great information and videos about the science behind their product.  There is even a quiz you can take to see what your Fuel Level is.  I took the test and I am a FREE SPIRIT that chooses variety over routine!  That is pretty accurate.

Take the quiz yourself to see where you stand!  Don’t forget to share with us your results!



The folks at FrogFuel were generous enough to also offer a sample pack to one of our readers!  If you would like to try out FrogFuel, enter to win 3 FrogFuel 1oz Protein Shots and an Elite Status FrogFuel Sticker.

Once I receive my free sample of FrogFuel I will be reporting back to tell you all about it and how it measures up to other products on the market!

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  1. Interesting product, I will have to keep my eye out for it. Never thought about taking a protein post yoga sessions. Free Spirit myself :)

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