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Photo Credit: ESPN Endurance Sports - Brandon Schatz

Photo Credit: ESPN Endurance Sports – Brandon Schatz

Non-traditional runs keep growing

Fun runs catching on with non-runners thanks to gimmicks, social experience….

With her 30th birthday approaching, Natalie Green made a “Twenties Bucket List” of things to do. At the top of that 11-item list — above goals such as “Begin writing a book” and “Begin saving for a family Disney trip” — was “Train for and run a 5K.”

But Green, a 29-year-old mom who works in marketing for a company in Chattanooga, Tenn., didn’t want to do just any weekend road race. That seemed boring. She had a specific race in mind, and in February of this year she began running regularly for the first time in her life, doing about 10 miles per week to get ready to outrun zombies.  Read the full story….HERE


Photo Credit: Scott Draper/Competitor

Photo Credit: Scott Draper/Competitor


Running On Optimal Fuel: Effective Fueling Strategies For Runners

The missing piece from most training plans? An effective fueling strategy.

Performance Inhibitor #1: Less Than Ideal Body Composition

While many new fitness enthusiasts are drawn to running for its calorie-torching side effects, if they become consistent runners who focus on performance gains, their bodies will become more efficient—and they won’t burn as many calories when running the same distance at the same pace.

“A lot of people try to get leaner because they hope that’ll make them faster,” says Katie Davis, RD, specialist in sports dietetics, and owner of RDKate Sports Nutrition Consulting in the Chicago area. “But people either don’t know how to do that nutritionally or they’re going about it the wrong way, not seeing results, or fatiguing early and can’t finish their workouts.”  Read the full story….HERE

Mug Shot

Photo Credit: The Tampa Tribune


Runners left girl, 7, unattended during Obstacle Race

A Winter Park mother and her domestic partner were arrested at the conclusion of an obstacle course race Saturday in Dade City after it was discovered they left a 7 year old unattended for five hours during the race, according to authorities.

Christina Clemons, 28, 3932 Caliber Bend Lane, and her partner, Brianna Lake, 26, same address, were arrested and charged with child neglect.

The pair traveled to Dade City to participate in the Savage Race at Little Everglades Ranch. Clemons’ 7-year-old daughter, who also made the trip, was left unattended for five hours while the adults participated in the race, according to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. Read the full story….HERE


Photo Credit: Competitor

Photo Credit: Competitor


Mastering The Art Of (Healthy) Snacking

If you’re like most people who pay attention to expert nutrition advice, you probably think that you should eat snacks. The concept of snacking has acquired healthful connotations lately. It is purported to raise the body’s metabolic rate, prevent weight gain, maintain steady blood glucose levels, prevent mid-morning and mid-afternoon energy crashes, and, in athletes, enhance workout performance. Read the full story….HERE


Misty Diaz


Misty Diaz – Overcoming Obstacles

“I pretty much create my own schedule”, states Misty Diaz matter-of-factly.

“But thankfully I do have a great coach named Michael Ainis, he helped me with one of the hardest half marathons in New York, which was all hills. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I got my best time on that course. I do a lot of cross training too, I kayak and make up my own routines I use trees and outdoor gyms. Yes – trees!”

She laughs at herself and the incredulity of her last statement and continues,  “I do a lot of hiking and skateboarding. I use walking canes, so I must constantly work out my upper body.”

In itself, this could be almost anyone in America – or the world – today. But Misty pushes harder than most. She was born with Spina Bifida.  Read the full story….HERE



5 Keys to Injury-Free Running

So, you’ve decided to take up running. Fabulous! You might find that running can be many things: exciting, relaxing, challenging, body-changing and even addictive. I happen to think it’s nothing short of fantastic – that is, until you accidentally injure yourself.

Of course, no one hurts herself on purpose.  Read the full story….HERE


Photo Credit: RunnersWorld

Photo Credit: RunnersWorld


Runner’s World Race Day Breakfast: Watch what you eat

Eating breakfast the morning before a big race goes against every piece of diet advice you’ve ever heard.

High carbs. Low fiber. Easy on the protein. Watch the fat (OK, that one’s a standby).

That’s the advice from Joanna Golub, nutrition editor at Runner’s World. Golub’s also the editor of Rodale’s Runner’s World Cookbook, which puts her in a good spot to offer tips and recipes for runners on what their breakfast plate.  Read the full story….HERE 


Photo Credit: Tough Mudder

Photo Credit: Tough Mudder


Junyong Pak Chats With CoachUp About Obstacle Racing and the Ambassador Program

Last week we announced Junyong Pak as our latest CoachUp Ambassador.  His list of credentials in the emerging sport of obstacle racing is impressive (and included below).Pak has been leading the movement nationally and is excited to work CoachUp in order to share his love for the sport and clarify some of the misconceptions about obstacle racing.

We caught up with Junyong and asked him some questions about the Ambassador Program, his career and his goals. Read the full story….HERE


Photo Credit: Joshua Boucher

Photo Credit: Joshua Boucher


How To Recover After Your Mud Run

If you don’t think you can handle it, then here is the door, don’t let it hit you in the ass on your way out.Those of you who are up to the challenge will thank yourselves after the race. Even though a mud race will challenge you both mentally and physically, it will also be a lot of fun.

What other test of physical endurance lets you swim, crawl, walk and run in tons of sticky brown mud? A round of golf is not going to even come close. There really is nothing like it on this planet. You get to be a kid again. You get to run and play in the mud, and when it is all said and done you will be dirty, hungry, thirsty, and most likely exhausted. Here are some tips that will help you recover from the mud run.  Read the full story….HERE

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