OCR Week In Review – 11/1/13


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AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

$1 Million Spent on Marathon Safety

No expense will be spared on security at this year’s New York City Marathon after the bombing at the Boston Marathon on April 15, which killed three people and injured more than 260.

New York Road Runners executive vice president Peter Ciaccia told New York Daily News that more than $1 million was spent on security this year—doubling last year’s security budget. Among the many precautions, NYRR has hired international security firm MSA to consult be present on race day. Read the full story …HERE


How to Be As Awesome as NYC Running Mama

So I sometimes get asked if I have always been as fast as I am now. First let me preface this all by saying that I think speed is relative. I consider myself decently fast but not crazy fast. I have some friends who run 10 miles for an easy run faster than I can ever imagine racing 10 miles. But I think the point of the question is more about my speed relative to me…basically asking if I have always run the times I am running now? I have set PRs in virtually every distance I have raced the last year or so and am considerably faster today than I was 5, 10, 15 years ago. Read the full story…HERE

Randy Bunker

Randy Bunker

Men’s Health Urbanathlon RR: At peace with squashed tomatoes

If you’re at all like me there is something inconsequential that inexplicably means more to you than it does to probably 98 percent of the rest of the world’s population. 99 percent, even. Could be your love of Zubaz, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Hello Kitty, or if you’re @dave.schultz, bright running shoes (I kid, Dave!).

For me it’s the Men’s Health Urbanathlon. Just is. I won’t sedate you with breathy back story, but let’s just say it’s what got this whole train a roll’n back in April 2011.

I always hate trying to describe the event itself, because I immediately go into some unprovoked quasi defense … ‘no, no, it’s not a mud run and they don’t light you on fire’ … ‘no, no, it’s not like that TV show The Amazing Race’ … ‘no, no, you don’t dress up like Dr. Who and navigate hidden telephone booths.’ Read the full story…HERE



Z Warrior Sprint Race Review

Mud! Obstacles! Zombies! Such a fun way to spend a Saturday morning… even if it’s only 50 degrees that feels like 40 with the wind. Brr!!

I like doing small, local mud runs, although they can be risky. The popularity of obstacle races has occasionally led to poorly designed courses, safety issues or, worst of all, outright scams in which you pay for a race that doesn’t even exist.

Thankfully, the Z Warrior Sprint delivered what it promised and then some! The race was similar in concept to the larger Run for Your Lives series (which bills itself as the original zombie-infested obstacle run). In the cornfields outside Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Z Warrior charted a path through man-made and natural obstacles on the hunting grounds of the flesh-starved undead. Read the full story…HERE

7 Supplements That Aren’t A Total Waste of Money

A balanced diet of natural foods, mainly fruits and vegetables, is the one thing every runner needs nutritionally to establish a foundation for health and performance. But, the following seven supplements are worth considering as tools to round out a balanced diet of natural foods. Read the full story…HERE

Photo Credit: Orlando Darden

Photo Credit: Orlando Darden

5 Fitness Benefits Of Cold Weather Running

The heat of summer is gone, and the cold of winter is approaching. Will we, and should we let the cold weather allow our love of running to go into hibernation until the spring thaw? As an avid runner of many years and all season’s, wear more seasonally appropriate apparel I will, stop running due to the cold temperatures, I won’t and neither should you! Acclimating our bodies and fitness regimen for running in cold weather can offer several fitness conditioning benefits. Read the full story…HERE

Outside Online

Outside Online


Obstacle-course racing is the nation’s fastest-growing sport, with millions of annual participants. It’s time to join the party with our handy guide to all things obstacle racing.

Since the Tough Mudder and Spartan Race series debuted in 2010, more than three million Americans have leaped over fire, swum through muck, and crawled beneath barbed wire to cross the finish line of an obstacle-course race. That’s 1.5 million more OCR participants than marathon finishers in the same time span. Read the full story…HERE

Superfoods for runners: What to eat for endurance, stamina and energy

As I excitedly await competing in the New York City Marathon on Sunday, I thought I’d share my all-time favorite superfoods that help me in long-distance running. When I first began running, a passion since age 15, I realized that what I ate had a significant effect on my performance. Soon, I was learning all about which foods are ideal for endurance, stamina and energy. I built my strength for running as I simultaneously figured out how nutrition plays a large role in the sport.

This combination of running and nutrition ultimately prompted me to become a registered dietitian and provide my knowledge of proper nutrition to others who feel overwhelmed by the health and fitness world. Now that I run an average of 48 miles a week, it’s vital that what I eat supplements my training in the most effective way. Below, I have compiled a list of delicious foods that offer me the greatest health benefits for a long run. Read the full story…HERE

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