OCR Week In Review – 11/15/13


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Photo Credit: Bob Wojcieszak

Photo Credit: Bob Wojcieszak

Fitness program Girls On The Run builds girls’ confidence

In 12 weeks, 17 girls in the third through fifth grades at Kanawha City’s Chamberlain Elementary School have progressed from varying fitness abilities to being able to confidently complete a 5K run.

Along the way, they’ve also blossomed with self-confidence, learned teamwork and made new friends through an international program called Girls on the Run.  Read the full story….HERE



Spartan Kids Race

Spartan Kids Race

Pint Sized Obstacle Races Get Kids Active

Kids don’t want to exercise if they think of it as drudgery. That’s just the way they’re made. So the challenge becomes finding ways to create forms of physical activity that kids can get excited about. And just about every sport has risen to the occasion on this, developing programs designed to stimulate kids’ interests and imaginations.

One of these trends is obstacle course racing or OCR. Or to be more precise, mini-obstacle racing. You’ve all heard about regular obstacle racing, but this is the junior version of the program, which includes shorter courses and more manageable (translation: less scary) obstacles, so that children can take part. Proponents of OCR say kids see their parents and older siblings competing in adult obstacle races, and want to do the same thing. According to them, it’s a way of letting them try their wings in a controlled environment.  Read the full story….HERE



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