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Every time you go to a race they are quick to pull out the Sharpies and mark your body with your bib number.  I was always uncomfortable with this since I don’t know what kind of toxins are in those markers. And funny thing is, even though it is a “permanent” marker, my number is usually gone by the time I get to the finish line.  The sweat, mud, water and such seems to work as a magic eraser.

When I first heard of Sport Safe markers, I was instantly intrigued.  These guys have  created an ink that is water and sweat proof, easier to remove, and most importantly safe to use on skin because they use cosmetic ingredients.  I was excited when they sent us some samples to try out.  We were sent black, white and red.

SFM all

Now, I have very fair skin.  So I was a little hesitant to use the red because I was afraid it would stain my skin and I would be walking around with scarlet numbers on my forehead for a week.  So I tested it out on my arm.  The ink dried quickly, so there was no smearing or staining of my clothing.  I was pretty stoked about that.

The white marker says it would work great on tan or darker skin.  I thought this was a great idea for those that are darker complected.  I wasn’t sure how it would work on me since my skin is so pale.  But I have to say it showed up really well.  It was completely visible even on my ghost-like coloring.

SFM red number

These markers resemble the felt tip metallic pens you use to address your Christmas Cards.  You have to press them down to get the ink on the tip.  As soon as I saw that I was expecting to experience that awful smell that usually comes along with those markers.  I was very surprised to find these markers are in no way like that.  They have no fragrance at all.  That was a big plus!

I did my mud run and made sure to get extra wet and muddy to test out the ink.  The markers did a great job!  There was only one small spot where the ink got a little lighter, but overall it did a much better job than a traditional marker.

SFM black

Sport Safe Body Marker after a 5K Obstacle Race

The true test came later in the day when it was time to wash off the ink.  To my surprise, it came off extremely easy.  Their website says the ink will come off easily using hand sanitizer or rubbing thoroughly with a damp rag.  I found the ink practically disappeared as soon as I applied hand sanitizer.  It took a little more effort to get it off with a damp rag, but it was by no mean difficult.   And much to my surprise there was absolutely no staining from any of the markers.  I would feel confident now wearing any of the colors on my face without fear of staining.

All in all, I loved this product.  It is a much safer alternative to using markers that are not meant for human skin.  I will definitely be bringing my Sport Safe markers with me to all my upcoming races!

The good folks at Sport Safe have given us some extra markers to share with you!  If you would like to test out these markers at your next race enter our giveaway!



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  1. Jennifer Jarvi says

    I <3 giveaways!

  2. Ricardo Rodriguez says

    I plan to try these out at Warrior Dash next year in Smithville, Texas!

  3. I would probably try these out on my next mud run. I’m looking at Spartan again, maybe another Tough Mudder, 5k the Hard Way, Mud Factor, and others hopefully.

  4. I’ll use them at the next Spartan Race I do.

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