Episode 26 – Summer Muddin’

Summer Muddin’ had me a blast / Summer Muddin happened so fast!

Join us as we recap the races that got us dirty this summer.  We also have Race Giveaways and Promo codes! [Read more…]

Run For Your Lives! Obstacle Race Review

Here’s the scoop on Run for Your Lives: Race waves run every 30 minutes with about 500 runners per wave. Runners wear a flag football belt and 3 flags. Throughout the course you must avoid zombies who are after your life (flags). The goal is to make it to the end of the course with at least one flag to be considered a ‘survivor’. If you lose all your flags, you cross the finish line ‘dead’.


Run For Your Lives Southern California 10/20/12

Early Saturday morning, before the sun rose, we packed the car and began our trek to Vail Lake for the Run For Your Lives obstacle race. During the two hour drive we worked on our strategy to outrun zombies and devised a plan to get some great photos and video of the race. [Read more…]

Training Tips For Beginners – Tip #2

So you are probably thinking, “Okay, I know how to run now.  How do I take it to the next level?”

Once you feel comfortable in your running shoes and you feel confident in your running skills, it’s time to bump it to the next level.  Whether you’ve been a stroller strider, treadmill champ or sidewalk soldier, take to the dirt!

Your journey begins just off the paved road.

If you are training for a obstacle race or mud run, guess what?  Your event will be in the dirt!  I’m sorry if I scared you.  It’s not so bad.  I think you will actually enjoy it once you get out there and get a little dirty. [Read more…]

Rockin the Desert Mud Run – Review

Rockin the Desert Mud Run

My sixth event of 2012 was this past weekend in Apple Valley, CA for the Rockin the Desert Mud Run. This was a 5K mud run with lots of mud, water and fun. It was a great race for both beginners and seasoned racers.

Joining me on this race was my brother Chris, his friend Clarissa, My 16 year-old niece Samantha and my 8 year-old daughter Marlee. My mother-in-law Kathy was nice enough to join us and be part of our cheering section. Marlee was going to run the kids 1 mile race, and the rest of us were setting our eyes on the 5K course. [Read more…]

Episode 2 – Rockin’ the Desert

Daniel and Laurie talk about the Rockin the Desert Mud Run held in Apple Valley, California on Aug 25th 2012.

Work out Update 

Daniel – He had so much going on he forgot to exercise.

Laurie – Kept her same routine in preparation for the race.  She added extra distance to her run and increase her weights.

[Read more…]