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As the news of the Reebok Spartan merge becomes old news an commonplace throughout the world of Obstacle Racing, another big name in obstacle racing has announced an unlikely partnership that will leave you wanting more.

Tough Mudder, that touts itself as probably the toughest event on planet has just published a press release that links them to the largest burger chain in the world – Mc Donald’s.  Now before you start flinging your Big Macs out the window, it may not be such a bad partnership.

Mc Donald’s, no matter what you think of their menu selections, is hugely successful at what they do.  They have even successfully launched a new line of healthier menu items.  If you want to be healthy and active, maybe all you need to do is add a little Mc Donald’s to your diet.

It will be interesting to see what unfolds in the next few months.  There is something to be said for the McEverest or the McMud Mile.  This is the new face of obstacle racing, and it appears that all the big boys are looking for the next big sponsor to partner with.  We will just have to sit back and wait to see who Warrior Dash comes to the table with.

For more information read the press release below.

Tough Mudder Partners With McDonald’s – Press Release

“Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet” Adds to Impressive Growing List of National Sponsors BROOKLYN, NY (April 1, 2013)

Tough Mudder announced today that McDonald’s has become an official sponsor for the Tough Mudder series, bringing its “I’m Loving It” campaign to twenty upcoming 2013 U.S. event locations. Beginning in May 2013, McDonald’s will take over the current naming of obstacles, rebranding it with the McDonald’s logo and the famous “MC” that everyone knows and loves.  Some exciting changes will be the McEverest, the Elctro McShock Therapy and the McMud Mile.  In an unprecedented turn, McDonald’s has also offered “For every Tough Mudder participant who purchases a Big Mac Meal the week leading up to the race, a $2 credit will be made toward the $1,000,000 being donated by McDonald’s USA Inc.

“We are excited to add another great brand to our roster,” says Dan Hamberg, director of Strategic Partnerships for Tough Mudder. “McDonald’s understands the importance of partnership as they successfully run their restaurants. The I’m Loving It branding campaign  will be a terrific addition that will help benefit our common goals.” Furthermore, McDonald’s  will create an interactive user experience for participants at the brand new “McReal Guy Challenge Tent.” This area will allow participants to warm up or cool down before and after challenges with Big Macs, McFlurry eating challenges and other fun contests that will keep everybody fired up throughout the day’s events.  After each challenge participants will be given a coupon for a free meal at any of their 300,000 restaurants.

McDonald’s will also be featured in Tough Mudder’s wildly successful social media program, which sees more than one and a half million followers at any given time.

“McDonald’s is excited to be involved with the Tough Mudder series in 2013,” said Ronald McDonald, director of marketing, McDonald’s USA. “These events are a perfect venue to introduce the new healthier menu to the event’s participants, while simultaneously lending McDonald’s support through the Company’s I’m Loving It program.”

Founded in 2010, Tough Mudder is the nation’s fastest growing and most recognized endurance series, winning Sports Travel magazine’s prestigious “Best Amateur Sporting Event Series or Circuit” in 2011.

Unlike other traditional endurance events or mud runs, Tough Mudder events are constructed by British Special Forces to offer a 10 to 12 mile trail running experience like no other.

Located outside major metropolitan cities, courses are based on rugged terrain, feature steep inclines and water hazards and are highlighted by 18 to 25 military-style obstacles that test one’s fitness, strength, stamina, mental grit, teamwork and toughness.  With a unique crossover appeal for high performing endurance athletes, fitness enthusiasts, risk taking adrenaline junkies and conservative commoners alike, Tough Mudder events were created to test individual limits in a one day challenge that showcases the core characteristics of will, intensity, camaraderie and teamwork. Tough Mudder events are not timed and are won by all those capable of completing the course.

Tough Mudder participants have raised more than $2.5 million in support of its official charity partner, the Wounded Warrior Project, and often join teams of Wounded Warriors that participate at almost every Tough Mudder event.

The company’s goal is to raise over $2.5 million more in 2012.

About Tough Mudder
Tough Mudder Events, LLC was founded in 2010 by Will Dean and Guy Livingstone. Considered as “Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet,” each Tough Mudder endurance challenge is designed by British Special Forces and consists of a unique 10-12 mile trail run over rugged terrain, featuring steep inclines, water hazards and 18-25 military-style obstacles testing one’s toughness, fitness, strength, stamina,mental grit and teamwork. The 2011 Tough Mudder series includes 14 events taking place across various cities in the U.S. For the schedule of event dates and locations, visit

About McDonald’s
What is there to say?  You know you love it.  So now you can be proud to wait in our drive through line because you are supporting a healthier lifestyle.  That’s right….it’s pride.


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