Mini Episode October 2013

In this mini episode Laurie interviews Socorro Solorio from the VNA Monster Mash. [Read more…]

Episode 26 – Summer Muddin’

Summer Muddin’ had me a blast / Summer Muddin happened so fast!

Join us as we recap the races that got us dirty this summer.  We also have Race Giveaways and Promo codes! [Read more…]

Episode 25 – Beauty of Virtual Runs and the Beast

This episode Laurie and Daniel talk about the Spartan Beast, Zombie Blood Run, and Virtual Runs. Special guests include Jonathan Noloan, Chris Okapal, and Todd Heckman. [Read more…]

Episode 24 – Mud and Blood

This episode we recap the Mavericks Mud run and talk to Dirk Hagen from Zombie Blood Run. We also discuss what happened to Hero Rush. [Read more…]

Episode 23 – OCR 101

In this episode we interview Darrel Courtney from High Desert Events and talk about what it takes to make a good race. We also recap Hot an Dirty Mud Run.

[Read more…]

Episode 22 – The Need for Speed

In this episode Lauire talks to Ted Guilmette from Hot and Dirty Mud Run. We also have our video of the week. Now it’s time to get dirty! [Read more…]

Episode 21 – Cooling Off At Tough Mudderrrrrr!

At last here it is! Our long awaited Tough Mudder episode. Ok so nobody was waiting, but we got a short interview with Sean Corvelle, and we sing the national anthem. We also have our video of the week. Now it’s time to get dirty!

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Episode 20 – A FusterClucking Good Time

In this episode we talk about some new Active Entertainment events.  We interview the creator of the wild redneck race, FusterCluck.  And we have some big news to share with all our listeners! [Read more…]

Episode 19 – ROC Race and Running with Solo

This episode we will recap the ROC Race that we ran last week. We also have an interview with Solo who is an elite runner and blogger. We have our video of the week as well as some details about a new contest we are having.

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Episode 18 – Parkour Smooth Moves and Becoming Obstacle Fit

This episode we talk about Parkour with Ryan Ford and how it is finding its way into obstacle races. We also chat with Pete Williams, author of Obstacle Fit. [Read more…]